Manage and track the status of your existing ticket(s)

Modified on Mon, 05 Feb 2024 at 11:55 PM

When you log in the Knowledge Base with your credentials, you will have access to all the tickets that you have ever submitted to us.


Please take the time to update your ticket details if you have not already done so upon initial submission:

This additional information may help us to select the best team to respond to your query.

Please note that on the right panel your ticket will be going through different possible statuses:

  • In queue for Processing: 

We will work on your ticket as soon as possible.

  • This ticket is being Processed:

We are actively working on your ticket.

  • Awaiting your Reply:

           We need you to provide more information about your ticket.

  • This ticket has been Resolved:

                   We have provided you with a final response to your ticket.

  • This ticket has been Closed:

                   We are no longer handling this ticket.

  • This ticket has been Reopened:

           You have requested to reopen your ticket

_You can always reply again to your own ticket at any time of the process, even when our team considers it as resolved or closed. Our system will then automatically reopen it regardless, and our team will continue to work on it.
_However, we kindly ask for our clarity and for a better process that you will submit different and distinct issues under different tickets instead of extending from the same initial inquiry.

_Any ticket resolved will be automatically closed after 48h as we consider you chose not to reopen it.
_Any ticket awaiting for your reply for more than 7 days will be automatically closed after our system will have sent a brief reminder to your inbox.

We are kindly asking you and all requesters to allow enough time for a resolution or a feedback from the respectively assigned team as they all process these tickets in chronological order to the best of their capacity. 
Turnarounds time may vary depending on the complexity of the tickets and the current backlog.

Finally, when we provide you with a resolution and your ticket is set to the status "resolved", a survey will be displayed on the left panel of this ticket.

We kindly invite you to complete this optional survey so we can assess and continue to improve the customer experience.

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