B Lab has launched a new version of bcorporation.net, which includes significant changes to all B Corps B Impact Reports (formerly Public Profiles). 

These changes are intended to increase transparency and readability of B Impact Reports and ensure that all B Corps are subject to uniform requirements. Due to these recent changes to the information requirements and layout, we are no longer accepting requests to update the following content areas: “The Change We Seek ®”, “Company Highlights”, “Miscellany” and/or pictures aside from company logos.

NOTE: You will only see this tab if you have a Rated Assessment. 

Publish or make edits to your B Corp Impact Report on bcorporation.net in your B Impact Assessment. To access your public Impact Report:

1. Click the “ONBOARDING” tab on the left hand side of your B Impact Assessment homepage


3. Complete all fields - take note of the requirements for each field. Please note that your Company Description must be in third person. 

4. Select “PUBLISH PROFILE” when your content is ready to go live or use the "SAVE" button to save your work.

Our team will review your edits and you will see your edits reflected online within 1-3 business days.

Want to publish your profile in a different language? You're welcome to publish your profile in a language other than English, we just ask that include an English version of the text.

For further support with your Impact Report (formerly profiles), please reach out to support@bcorporation.net