Your public profile on B Corporation company directory is home to your company's B Impact Report, fulfilling the transparency requirement for certification. It is also where customers, press, and fellow Certified B Corporations can learn more about your company!

To publish or make edits to your Public Profile, log into your B Impact Assessment and follow these steps:

  • Click the “B Corporation Certification” navigation item on the left-hand side of the page.
    • NOTE: You will not be given the option to publish your profile until after your company has become a Certified B Corporation.
  • From the ensuing drop down menu, click "PUBLIC PROFILE"
  • Complete all fields- take note of the requirements for each field.
    • NOTE: Your company description must be in third person. Research has found that writing your description using third person language is most effective.


  • DO: "ABC Company believes that..."
  • DON'T DO: "We believe that..."
  • Use the "SAVE" button to save your work
  • Select “PUBLISH PROFILE” when your content is ready to go live.

Publishing a profile or making edits to an existing profile will be visible on the B Corporation Directory within 2-3 hours.