The main features on your B Impact Assessment online portal

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The B Impact Assessment (BIA) is a free and confidential online tool used to measure a company’s impact on its workers, communities, customers and the environment.

When an user log in this tool, the dashboard page opens by default.

However there are several other features listed on the left side menu panel:



During an open Review, the B Lab Review Team will need to ask questions and verify responses. To expedite the process, the application will display a Notifications View. In several places throughout the application the company will see a "bell" icon along with a red/white number that indicates the total number of unread Notifications. Notifications are created when a Comment is left on a Question or a Task during an open Review.

More information here: Review Notifications


On this main page, there is general information such as:

                _The next steps of the application process

               _and an overall summary about the active assessment (questionnaire)

If applicable, there may be on this dashboard a summary of your ongoing review for the B Corp certification, of the SDG Action Manager progress, and of the company selected goals.
Other contingent options that will be displayed are:

    _A feature to self-update the company's latest reported fiscal year end date.

       More information here: Assessment Locked - Update Required

    _A feature to self-update the company's track (such as region, size, or industry).

        More information here: How to Change Your Assessment Track


A `Review Summary` card will appear on the Company Dashboard that is always up to date. The webpage will display if the Review was open and closed, which B Lab team members are assigned to the Review and what Stage the Review is in. Clicking `VIEW` on the Review Summary card will reveal all the details of the Review.

More information here: 
What is an Assessment Review?
Overview: Preparing for Assessment Review


This feature opens the BIA questionnaire designed to measure positive impact, so the user receives points for positive answers. The score automatically updates as the user works through the assessment.  

More information here:

Navigating the Assessment


The B Impact Assessment is an in-depth and comprehensive survey, with up to 250 weighted and unweighted questions across different operational Impact Areas and Impact Business Models . The expansiveness of the assessment can make it challenging to focus on a particular question or set of questions. The Question Filter is a useful tool within the B Impact Assessment that can be used to view a specific subset of questions (for example, view all low-scoring questions in the Environment Impact Area).

More information here:

How to Filter Questions in the B Impact Assessment


There are 4 types of reports available with your B Impact Assessment:

a. The B Impact Assessment Performance Report will be provided once the assessment is completed. It provides companies with a comparison of scores against ordinary businesses that have the same size. Learn more about benchmarking here.

b. The Verification Report is accessible after the assessment is submitted for review. It compiles a list of the selected questions from a user’s Assessment that will require further documentation and verification for the company to move forward in the B Impact Assessment verification process. More information here.

c. The Bookmark Report includes a list of questions where the user has marked the question to “revisit.” More information here.

d. The Improvement Report is a customized report indicates how much each question is worth and where the user is currently earning points, thus allowing to determine which improvement to undertake. More information here.


Goals allow a user to to add some parameters about how to define and reach a goal.

More information here: Goals


This menu opens a list of options related to the application in order to become a Certified B Corp (or a Pending B Corp).

        _Summary: this is the overview of the assessment review. 

If the application has not yet been submitted, there will be some outstanding items to do so.


        _Required Questions: a list of questions that needs to be either answered or confirmed prior to submitting the Assessment for review.

       _Disclosure Questionnaire: the final series of questions a company will answer to confidentially disclose to B Lab any related sensitive practices, fines, or sanctions.

       _Certification Requirements: a form to acknowledge the requirements that our B Corporation Certification entails.

       _Verification Process: a form to acknowledge our verification process.

        _Fees & Discountsa page where applicants will check their reported annual revenue and where they may apply for a discount.

        _Public Profile: the configuration page for the public profile on the B Corp directory. This where a company will design and publish after certification their public profile and B Impact Report.


This feature allows to consult the chronological history of all the previously started assessments under the existing account. 


This menu expands into the following options:

       _Company Details: this is where to complete main information about the company such as the headquarters operating address, corporate structure, ownership demographics, branding and operations, subsidiaries, facilities, products and services descriptions. Please also find an option to delete this company online account.

       _Teams members: this is is where to manage who has access to this company account and to enable notifications.

       _Data Sharing: Under special circumstances, some companies affiliated with a particular partner will have this option to allow other institutions to examinate their assessment (answers included).

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