About Notifications

During an open Review, the B Lab Review Team will need to ask questions and verify your responses. To expedite the process, the application will display a Notifications View. In several places throughout the application one will see a "bell" icon along with a red/white number that indicates the total number of unread Notifications you have. Notifications are created when a Comment is left on a Question or a Task during an open Review.

Notifications are located in the top left hand side of your navigation. The view will be divided into two sections, Read and Unread. Notifications are associated with either a Question or Task. You can easily click to expand a Question/Task and see the Comments section. From there you can send along your reply.

Your Company's team members with notifications enabled (designated via Settings -> Team Members) will receive a Notification any time someone outside of your company Comments on a Question or Task.

Who at B Lab is notified and when

Who at B Lab gets notified about a Comment is based on the Review Stage.  For Questions, when a company adds a comment, the notification is sent to the B Lab Review Team based the currently active Review Stage:

Evaluation QueueEvaluationAll Other Stages

B Lab Evaluation Analyst
B Lab Primary/Secondary Verification Analyst or Evaluation Analyst if neither are set

For Task Comments, the B Lab Review Team member notified depends on the Stage that contained the Task being Commented on.  

Example Screenshot