Assessment Locked - Update Required

Modified on Wed, 15 Nov 2023 at 09:32 AM

There are a few reasons an assessment can become locked for editing.
One reason could be that your company's assessment was submitted for Review and based on the stage, the answers to questions cannot be modified. 


Another reason is that the company's fiscal year end date is expired or expiring. The Fiscal Year End Date is used to establish the time frame for questions you answer in the platform. You will see this notification provided six (6) months before the information is considered outdated. Please read the message in the card carefully as many times companies will still have some time to edit the assessment before a new one is required.

When this value is over 18 months old, you will be prevented from making changes directly to your answers, and you will see a grey titlebar indicating this.

Please note: This reminder will not show if there is an ongoing review for (re)certification.

To create a new assessment, the system will inquire to input the most recently completed fiscal year. All existing answers will be transferred for you to confirm or update in the new assessment. Generally, about 60-70% of the assessment responses are transferred to the new assessment and only questions related to the fiscal year will be marked Unanswered. Please note that you will no longer be able to change answers on the existing assessment.  

Navigate to your dashboard and select CREATE on the card titled Fiscal Year End Date - Update Required.

Once you select "Create" a pop up card will request an updated fiscal year. Select "Update" and this will generate a new assessment for editing. You can continue editing by navigating to the Question Filter or by navigating through each Impact Area under B Impact Assessment.

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