This guide is for companies who have gone through Review with a finalized score below 80 points (the minimum score required for the B Corp Certification). These companies now have the opportunity to make improvements on a new assessment.

Here are a few resources you can use for learning how to improve your score:

  • Use the Improvement Report functionality (guide here) and Goal functionality (guide here) to identify and work on improvements. 

  • Review "Explain This," "Show Example," and "In Practice" buttons available for each question.

  • We recommend on opting out of Business Models that have been verified as not applicable for the company. Please do not re-select these if they have been verified do not apply for your business.

  • Make sure you are reporting on the most recently completed fiscal year. Since the assessment is an annual reporting tool, we are capturing impact that has been completed in the most recent fiscal year.

  • In addition, when making updates to your assessment, include the spreadsheet attached for keeping track of any changes you have made. Please make sure to provide documentation for these changes as well. 

Please take advantage of the resources in our Best Practice Guides and Resource Library for examples of practices and policies to implement. 

Looking Forward:

We recommend making these updates to your assessment no later than 6 months after the Review is closed (ideally, within 2-3 months of the Review). If the improvement process surpasses 6 months, it will be necessary for the company to update time-sensitive information in the assessment.  Please note that we will ask you to participate in a cohort and this may require working with a different analyst than the initial review.