B Corps are required to score a minimum of 80 points on the B Impact Assessment, verified by B Lab in order to achieve certification. If your company received a score below required 80 Points following the Verification Process, you may be placed into an Improvement Review Stage. The Improvement Review Stage is intended for companies that have received recommendations on how to update some answers or increase your score from B Lab: 



When your assessment is in the Improvement Review Stage, you will be able to edit any question in the B Impact Assessment. As you make verifiable improvements, be sure to edit your responses and upload documentation (helpful tips on documentation here!) for any question where your response has changed. 


Once your score reaches or is above 80 points, please email the Standards Analyst you worked with through the Verification Process to review your improvements and changes


Here are some tips on how to increase your score and prepare for review:

  • Review the questions that have been verified already, as indicated by the questions in the Verification Report with comments from B Lab. These questions represent those that were not able to be verified by B Lab, you may me able to simply provide documentation for that question to increase your score. 

  • Use the Improvement Report to identify improvements and Goals to select questions for improvement 

  • Leverage the “Learn” button for each question to access examples, explanations and guidance on implementing a particular practice.

  • Leverage Best Practice Guides 

  • Review this deck and resources for improving your score 

If your company is in the Improvements Review Stage, you must submit improvements within 45-90 days, depending on the guidance of your analyst. 


Watch this quick video to learn more!