About Assessment Review Documentation: 
Whether it is through a phone call or email, companies are required to provide supporting documentation to validate their assessment responses. A company must upload supporting documentation for six to eight randomly selected questions. These documents must be provided before the Assessment Review Call takes place, otherwise B Lab may postpone the call until documentation has been provided.

Tips for Documentation: 
There are a variety of questions that require documentation. The purpose of providing documentation is to verify that the question option selected applies to the policies and practices of the company. Please note that answer options selected should reflect established and routine practices and policies of the company. Credit cannot be awarded for future and one-time initiatives.

When providing documentation, we recommend using these guiding questions about the nature of the documents you will be providing for verification:

  • Is a primary source provided (Policies, Supplier Invoices, Articles of Incorporation, employee handbook)?

  • For questions involving a calculation, is the raw data related to metrics provided?

  • For questions about a written or formal policy, simply engaging in one of the behaviors mentioned does not count. Is the policy documented and available for employees, customers or appropriate stakeholders?

  • For questions with external metrics (such as ethnic diversity of geographic area) is the information from a reliable and credible source?

  • Are the document(s) provided verifying each question option selected?

  • Is the document representing all the data points?  (i.e. if the question is asking, what % of the total salary base do non-executive bonuses represent, the document includes both the total bonus amount paid to non-executive employees and the total salary base of all employees)

  • Does the document need to be redacted to protect employee identities and privacy? Please note irrelevant sensitive information can be redacted. We delete files uploaded in the BIA platform 6 months after the Review has been closed. Once deleted, file names are maintained for reference by the analyst and company, but the file will no longer be accessible.