This guide is for companies for whom B Lab’s Standard Review Team completed their assessment review with a finalized score below 80 points (the minimum score required for the B Corp Certification). These companies now have the opportunity to make improvements on the existing assessment. For those companies whose Review is Closed, please reference this guide here.

When your assessment is in the Improvement Review Stage, you will be able to access any question in the assessment and change the answer on the question card directly.

This stage allows you to edit responses, provide comments on changes and provide documents.
Once you have made verifiable improvements to reach a score above 80 points, please email the Standards Analyst you worked with on your assessment review to review your improvements and changes.
Please ensure you upload documentation to verify where responses have changed.

Here are some tips on how to increase your score and have it ready for an Improvements Review:

  • Look over the questions that have been verified already by the Standards Team.  Look over the rationale given by the Standards team for questions that do not have a green checkmark. You may provide the documentation that will help verify the question. (Look at documentation tips here).

  • Use the Improvement Report functionality (guide here) and Goal functionality (guide here) to identify and work on improvements. 

  • Review "Explain This," "Show Example," and "In Practice" buttons available for each question and do a quick search on our library of resources here, as you work on improvements.

Please keep in mind that this process must be completed within 4-8 weeks as specified by the Standards Review Team.

Looking Forward:

Once those improvements and documentation have been verified, and the score remains above an 80, we will be able to finalize certification. If we are not able to verify the improvements and updated answers, these questions will be changed accordingly during the Review.

Once complete, we will send you the B Corp Agreement for review and signature by a signing officer of the company to make your certification official.