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About Notifications

During an open Review, the B Lab Review Team will need to ask questions and verify your responses. To expedite the process, the application will display a Notifications View. In several places throughout the application one will see a "bell" icon along with a red/white number that indicates the total number of unread Notifications you have. Notifications are created when a Comment is left on a Question or a Task during an open Review.

Notifications are located in the top left hand side of your navigation. The view will be divided into two sections, Read and Unread. Notifications are associated with either a Question or Task. You can easily click to expand a Question/Task and see the Comments section. From there you can send along your reply.

-Users are not defaulted into notifications. They need to opt-in. If they are submitting for certification, there is a requirement that at least one team member has enabled notifications

-When users opt-in to notifications, they have an option of "copying" other users notifications. 

It reads: 

Other team members may have existing notifications. Would you like them displayed in this users' Notifications view?"

Your Company's team members with notifications enabled (designated via Settings -> Team Members) will receive a Notification any time someone outside of your company Comments on a Question or Task.

What kind of notification do the team members receive and when?

1. Submit assessment for review email

(Every time a new assessment is submitted)

2. Assessment in the Verification stage email

(When the application progresses to it verification stage)

3. Review Tasks emails

    A. "No company actions required"

Whenever all reviews are open for more than one month and less than two years with no tasks assigned to the company, and in Evaluation Queue, Evaluation or Verification Queue stages

these companies will receive a communication that nothing is required of them and will be provided with resources to help them prepare for the rest of the review


    B. "The company has overdue tasks to be completed"

    C. "The company has due soon tasks to be completed"

        (2 weeks before the due date) 

    D. "The company has recent tasks assigned to them"

        (Sent one day after the task is assigned/created)


4. Goal Reminder emails

    Goal reminders are sent monthly depending if the user selects "Receive Email Reminders"

       Goals on hidden questions are ignored

        Only send to the latest goal

5. Comment Response Notification emails

  •    Are sent nightly to teams member for each of their account 
  •    Are emails sent specifically to a company users who have notifications enabled
  •    Are only sent if the response notification comment is not read yet
  •    Are only sent once
  •    Are only sent to companies team members

IMPORTANT: it does not mean that the team members will receive a notification when a new comment is added to a task.

Our task-communications will be sent out based on Assignment of the task to the company AND the Due Date of the task.

6. Re-certification email

  • Are sent to users recertifying in 3 months

7. Analytics Excel Portfolio data email 

(sent monthly)

8. Improvement reminders - Review emails

  • 45-day improvement reminders
  • 90-day improvement reminders
  • 60-day paused reminders
  • 90-day paused reminders

9. Invite Team Member emails

(Every time a new team member is added)

10. Completion Request email

When the last task in a stage is closed, that stage and possibly the next stages with 0 tasks are automatically closed.

11. When a review is closed - Survey

(Every time a review is closed)

Who at B Lab is notified and when?

Who at B Lab gets notified about a Comment is based on the Review Stage.  For Questions, when a company adds a comment, the notification is sent to the B Lab Review Team based the currently active Review Stage:

Evaluation QueueEvaluationAll Other Stages
Notifications must be sent through the KB portal and will be forward to the respective Global PartnerNotifications will be sent to the B Lab Evaluation AnalystNotifications will be sent to the B Lab Primary/Secondary Verification Analyst or Evaluation Analyst if neither are set

For Task Comments, the B Lab Review Team member notified depends on the Stage that contained the Task being Commented on.  

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