The Recertification process requires you to do the following in preparation for your recertification review:

  1.  Verify the legal requirement has been met.
    Review the legal pathway for your company given your corporate form and region. This information can also be found in your signed B Corp Agreement.
    If your legal pathway was determined at the time of your last certification term and you have not yet sent the completed legal document to B Lab, please send documentation as soon as possible to verify that the legal requirement has been met and to be able to move forward with the recertification process.
  2. Complete the current version of the B Impact Assessment.
    You’ll need to update the B Impact Assessment with current metrics and practices about your company. To do this, login here: Your company already has an account with archived data.  Please do not create a new company account. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by following the "Forgot My Password" steps when logging in.  Once you login to your original account, you can add new team members to give them access to the account.  
  3. Submit the B Impact Assessment by your recertification date
    Once you have updated the B Impact Assessment with updated company information and current metrics and practices, you’ll need to actively submit the assessment for review.
  4. Provide documentation to support assessment answers
    After submitting your assessment for review, a B Lab staff member will send instructions about uploading supporting documentation to the B Impact Assessment platform and any other relevant next steps.  

  5. Next steps for recertification

Once you or your team has uploaded supporting documentation, the Standards Review Team will send you guidance about what next steps will be. This may include scheduling a review call and/or a request for additional documentation.  Your company’s B Corp Recertification is not complete until the Standards Review Team has all of the information and documentation requested throughout the process. This process typically takes several months after the assessment has been submitted. Once our team has confirmed that the recertification is complete, we will send you an updated B Corp Agreement outlining the terms of certification for signature by your team.    

Please note that completing  the criteria above will ensure that your B Corp Certification remain in good standing in the B Corp community. Failure to do any of these in a timely manner may result in making your certification inactive.