1. Go to your Dashboard menu on the left. Click the B Corporation Certification tab. Select Summary.

2. In summary you will see a few menu items that must be complete before submitting your assessment; Disclosure Questionnaire, at least 90% of your assessment, etc.

Please note, you will be unable to re-submit immediately after your last certification. 

3. Click the SUBMIT button on #3 to initiate an Assessment Review

Once submitted, you will be contacted by a member of B Lab's Review team via email.


Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Review the Company Profile section and make sure each question is filled out. You can update this information in the future if you need.

  • Review the Disclosure Questionnaire section and double check that every question is filled in with an answer. This includes text boxes. If a question with a text box is not relevant for your business, please just answer it with N/A. These are unweighted sections that help give B Lab a better understanding of the company. It will not affect your score.

  • Review you Assessment completion and if needed, answer some additional questions to help bring you closer to the 90% completion goal.