If you need to download your current or a previous B Impact Assessment, you can do so from the Dashboard.

  1. Log in to your Assessment.

  2. From the Dashboard page, you will see an “Assessments” section on the bottom right. 

  3. You will have a card view that shows all of your assessments.
  4. Select the three dot overflow menu on the Assessment you wish to download and a menu to download as a PDF or Excel will open.
  5. Click to download.

If you have previous versions of the B Impact Assessment that you would like to download, click the download button next to the desired assessment to produce a PDF version.


  • If you have a B Impact Assessment, you have the option to download your assessment as a XLS file as well as a PDF.

  • Downloads should not be interpreted as an offline version of the platform and are best used as a reference.

  • The B Impact Assessment is interactive, and your answers to questions can affect the total number of questions your assessment contains. As a result, a downloaded version of your assessment represents a snapshot of your assessment at that time.

  • Any reviewed and finalized assessments from past certifications will be labeled as “Rated” here.

  • Historical assessments listed as “In Progress” are incomplete and were archived here because of an assessment track change or the conversion to a new financial year.