If you need to download your current or a previous B Impact Assessment, you can do so from the Dashboard in a number of ways.

  1. Log in to your Assessment at https://app.bimpactassessment.net

  2. From the Dashboard page, click the Assessments link on the bottom left. 

  3. You will have a card view that shows all of your assessments.
  4. Select the three dot overflow menu on the Assessment you wish to download and click View
  5. From here you can save a PDF copy of your assessment or export it to a CSV formatted file by clicking the Print or Download buttons respectively.

  6. To save to a PDF, click Print

  7. In the Print pop-up, select Save As PDF and click Save
    Note: This feature works best in Google Chrome browser

You can also Print or Download questions based on certain criteria using the Filter button

  1. Select Question Filter from the left hand navigation
  2. Click Filter
  3. Apply any filters you'd like to use
  4. Click Print or Download


  • Downloads should not be interpreted as an offline version of the platform and are best used as a reference.

  • The B Impact Assessment is interactive, and your answers to questions can affect the total number of questions your assessment contains. As a result, a downloaded version of your assessment represents a snapshot of your assessment at that time.

  • Any reviewed and finalized assessments from past certifications will be labeled as “Rated” here.