The requirements for the B Corp Certification include a verified assessment score of 80+ points as well as a legal change to your company's governing documents to incorporate stakeholders


To verify your assessment score, you will be assigned a Standards Analyst for a three week period (as a part of what we call a "Cohort"), who will do a deep dive review of your answers and ask for verifying documentation. However, before the Cohort begins, you will be asked to put together information to illustrate important aspects of your company and your assessment will be checked by a member of the B Lab Evaluation team. 


Evaluation team members are responsible for confirming that your company's assessment accurately reflects your company's size and industry. This process ensures that your company has the assessment that best captures its impacts and is aligned with other companies who have taken the assessment before you. The Evaluation team also review the sections of the assessment that speak to your company's core business model and may make changes to better reflect your company's activities, based on your website, the information that you share with us, and any follow up questions we may ask. Most companies answers will be edited in some way, especially in the "Impact Business Model" sections. Those questions are unique to our assessment and can sometimes be challenging (Please note: Your Evaluation team member will engage in a preliminary review to confirm that your score is in the 80+ point range but your assigned Standards Analyst will walk through these topics in greater detail).


Updates to your assessment made by an Evaluation team member may result in changes to your score or, if your company was in an incorrect track (i.e. size or industry), additional questions to fill out. 


If your score drops below 80 points, you will be informed of tools to improve your score. Once you are at the 80 bar again, please resubmit to join an upcoming Cohort!


If your track needs to be changed, you will be asked to complete the new blank questions.


If your Impact Business Model questions are edited but your company remains above 80 points, you will be moved to the next stage of the pre-Cohort process and additional documents will be requested. 


As a reminder, all of the steps mentioned above are a part of the pre-Cohort requirements. Details on the Cohort process can be found here. The time it takes to complete the pre-Cohort steps can vary, depending on the size and complexity of your company, but, on average, we recommend allocating at least 2-4 hours (Please Note: The time requirements increase if additional questions need to be filled out due to a track change).