B Corp Certification Terms of Agreement Summary:

In order to certify, B Corps are subject to the following summary of terms that are provided in more detail in the contract or agreement provided at the end of the certification process.

The Agreement establishes the following:
1) the terms by which B Lab will certify the Company as a Certified B Corporation™, a certification of a company’s overall social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability,
(2) the terms under which that certification will continue,

(3) the obligations of the Company as a Certified B Corporation™,
(4) the rights of the Company to use certain intellectual property of B Lab.

Requirements for Certification
All submissions for B Corporation Certification will be reviewed by B Lab. Certified B Corps™ have a three year term for certification. In order to be certified as a Certified B Corporation™, the Company must meet the following requirements:

Performance Standards: 

  • Earn a reviewed score of at least 80 points (out of 200).  

  • Attach all required documentation to complete their B Impact Assessment™ submission.

  • Submit to a “Site Review” of the company’s B Impact Assessment™ if selected.

  • With respect to re‐certification, companies must recertify every three years.

Transparency Requirements:

Permit B Lab to make available the Company’s B Impact Report, basic Profile information, and any additional disclosures, as required and mutually-agreed upon, on www.bcorporation.net and B Analytics upon certification and recertification.

Legal Requirement:

B Corporations incorporate stakeholder consideration into the legal structure of your company to create long-term value for shareholders and stakeholders. The company’s legal requirement, and the timeline for the process, will be determined by your company structure, and your country and state/province of formation. Please refer to the Legal Requirement Tool to see which of the legal pathways apply to your company. Based on the company’s size and certification requirements,  a grace period for completing the legal requirement can be provided (see timelines based on pathways below):

  • Adopt benefit corporation structure or equivalent within 2 years of certifying 

  • Amend governing documents to include specific mission aligned language with 90 days or 1 year 

  • If your corporate structure and region of incorporation does not have a designated legal framework, there is no additional legal requirement to attain certification, but the company will support B Lab’s public policy objectives of passing benefit corporation legislation in its state, province, or country of incorporation.

If the company does not meet the above requirements, B Lab may revoke the company's

certification as provided or decline to recertify the company. In the event of a change in control or change in legal form of the company, the company agrees that it will notify B Lab to learn how to meet the above requirements of certification in light of those changes.

Declaration of Interdependence:

The company will sign the B Corporation Declaration of Interdependence as a symbol of its commitment to our shared collective purpose.

Intellectual Property
B Lab will grant to the company a revocable, non‐exclusive license to utilize the B Lab intellectual property (the “B Lab IP”) “Certified B Corporation™,” “B Corporation™”, “B Corp™” and the “Certified B Corporation™” logo (the “B Lab License”), only in a manner consistent with the “Brand Usage Guidelines” provided by B Lab. 

Other Terms

  • B Corporations pay an annual license fee determined based on the company’s revenue, which shall be disclosed to B Lab annually and the tier structure available here 

  • Complaints Procedure, Disclosure Questionnaire, and Background Check as seen here

  • Guidelines for Companies with Related Entities as seen here and here

  • Legal Requirement as seen here

Please note: This article is for informational purposes only. This is not an actual Agreement or a complete description of the certification requirements. 

See the sample of the agreements below available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.