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Purpose: This article explains what is the Review Approach in the B Corporation Certification process.

What is a “Review Approach”?

After completing the B Impact Assessment, eligible companies interested in pursuing certification undergo a review process with B Lab to determine if they meet the performance requirements (a verified score of 80) for Certification. 

The Review Approach determines the typical tasks that are required for the review process, along with expected timings, based on company characteristics. These tasks have been calibrated in order to adequately verify the B Impact Assessment (BIA) for companies of different characteristics and contexts.

Each Review Approach is intended to move the company through the review process as effectively and efficiently as possible based on that company’s characteristics.

How do I determine the Review Approach that applies to my company?

Several characteristics determine the Review Approach most appropriate for the company. These characteristics include: 

  • Size based on earned revenue in the last fiscal year

  • Size of the company based on number of full-time equivalent employees

  • Ownership and corporate structure of the company 

  • The industry in which the company operates (and whether this industry is considered controversial by B Lab; see here)

  • BIA scoring profile, meaning the combination of the company’s points in Operational and Impact Business Model questions (learn about the differences in these questions here)

The Review Approach is often determined upon submission once the Reviews page becomes available, but may be adjusted as B Lab learns more about the company. 

If you’ve already submitted the assessment, please find your Review Approach and your required tasks on your Reviews page. Note that B Lab reserves the right to adjust the Review Approach and add tasks at any point in the review process to ensure an adequate review.  

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