After completing and submitting the B Impact Assessment (BIA) for B Corporation Certification, businesses undergo a Review process. The Review process takes place in five to six stages, which are outlined below with a brief description, timeline, and links to resources with more details.  After your business submits its BIA, it's Team Members can view where the business is within the process below at any time on its Reviews page in the BIA platform (left menu, third option).


Review Process and Timeline Overview for Certifications*




1. Evaluation Queue***

Begins when the business submits the BIA for certification. Waiting period for the business to be assigned an analyst to evaluate (next stage) its submission due to application rates and available capacity. Normal not to hear much from B Lab during this time because B Lab already has what it needs from the business to conduct the Evaluation. The business may be given tasks to complete or work on while it waits.

Up to 7 months.

2. Evaluation

B Lab determines if the business is eligible to certify and the requirements for its certification as well as prepares the business for Verification. Click here for more details.

Up to 3 months.

3. Verification Queue

B Lab has determined the business is eligible to certify and its requirements to certify. B Lab  requests additional documentation needed for the Verification stage. Company completes documentation request and waits for B Lab to assign an analyst for Verification of the business’ B Impact Assessment responses.  

Up to 4 months.

4. Verification

B Lab reviews and verifies the business’ BIA responses and verifies its BIA score, with documentation and/or a Review Call, and works with the business to complete any additional requirements for certification. See more information here

Up to 3 months.

5. Improvement [only if needed]

If a business’ verified BIA score decreases below 80 points in the Verification Stage, the business has the opportunity to make improvements to increase its verified BIA score to 80 points or more. It is common for businesses to need to make improvements in order to certify. 

Up to 3 months.

6. Post-Verification

B Lab has verified the business’ BIA score to be 80 points or more and wraps up any additional certification requirements with the business. The business pays its first annual certification fee and signs the B Corporation Agreement.

Up to 1 month.

For more details on this process and timeline:

  • Click here if your business was assigned the Micro Enterprise Approach.
  • Click here if your business has fewer than 50 full-time equivalent workers.
  • Click here if your business has between 50 and 249 full time equivalent workers. 
  • Click here if your business has 250 or more full time equivalent workers. 
  • From any of those links, you can also search for more information on other topics within our Knowledge Base.

* This process applies to the vast majority of businesses that apply for certification; businesses with: fewer than 250 full-time employee equivalents and less than $100 million USD in revenue in the last fiscal year. Businesses meeting these criteria that are recertifying will undergo the same process stages and descriptions, but with a shorter timelines unless otherwise noted. Please see more information on recertification timeline here. Other companies applying will undergo a different Review Process that may be more extended. Those companies will receive information from B Lab about their process.

** The timeline is approximate and subject to change based on submission rates and B Lab capacity. It is informed by past data and future projections. Exact times can vary based on the business’ characteristics, responsiveness to B Lab’s communications, and completeness and accuracy of the information provided in the BIA, requested documentation, and Review Call. We recognize that businesses spend time learning about, building internal buy-in for, planning for, and completing the BIA and other requirements for certification before this timeline begins.

*** B Lab begins the Evaluation stage for businesses’ submissions on a first-come, first-served basis. After a business submits its BIA, its Team Members will be able to reference the status of the Review through the Stages (and Tasks within) and receive communications from B Lab regarding the Review process on the Reviews page on the left menu of the BIA platform.