In order to help users more clearly understand questions and  improve their impact performance, supplementary information is provided in the B Impact Assessment platform at the question level in order to guide users through the question, provide definitions, and link to external sources. To access this information for a specific question, click the “Learn” button below the question’s title. 

Once in this section, you will see one or more of the following:

  • Explanations: This section provides definitions of terms used in the question or answer options, and/or specific instructions to help you answer the question more accurately. It may also include alignment with other third-party impact resources, like the UN Sustainable Development Goal targets.

  • Examples: This section provides examples of businesses that are already practicing this topic, so that you can see what this question looks like in practice.    

  • Implementations: This section provides a rationale for why the practice is deemed important to implement. This section may also provide links to best practice guides and implementation tools to help your staff put this topic into practice.

Users will also see an option to leave feedback on the questions themselves as well as explanations, definitions, and examples. This feedback is specifically about the standards content. Please share how we can improve the questions in future versions, share resources that you think would be valuable, or even your own best practices that we could include as examples. If you have a query about how to apply the question to your company, or about the purpose of the question, please submit a ticket to the Support Portal instead.