Performance on the SDG Action Manager for any specific module is designed to be aspirational, meaning that even high performing companies aren’t expected to earn high credit.

For context, appropriate performance benchmarks from the B Impact Assessment are the following out of 200 points:

  • Median Score of Ordinary Businesses: 52 (26%)
  • Qualifying B Corp Certification: 80 (40%)
  • 2019 Minimum Qualifying “Best for the World” Score: 113 (57%)

Because the overall content of the Sustainable Development Goals are so far reaching, and because the design of the SDG Action Manager is to allow users to focus on modules of most relevance to them, an overall performance score for the SDGs collectively is not available. As more users complete modules in the SDG Action Manager, benchmarking will also be added to help users understand and compare their performance in the context of other companies. 

Scoring for each module is presented as a percentage (0-100%), with underlying subtopics presented on a “points” basis (0-25) in order to provide an easily understandable overall score for a given SDG module while also allowing for users to more clearly track and quantify detailed performance and improvements on a deeper level. Each subtopic per module is equally weighted in the overall performance rating for that module.

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