Upload Documents for Assessment Verification

Modified on Tue, 27 Jun 2023 at 09:50 AM

The Verification Report compiles a list of the selected questions from a user’s Assessment that will require further documentation and verification for the company to move forward in the B Impact Assessment verification process. 

You can see questions selected in a number of ways. By navigating to Verification Reports from Reports on the left sided menu, you can see questions that have a dark Marked for Discussion icon,  or dark Marked for Documentation icon.

Each question requiring documentation has:

  • "Explain This," "Show Example," and "In Practice" as ways to learn more context for the documentation requirement.

  • An Instructions section, which will open below the question, featuring specific information on how to validate that question response and template documentation. It will close once the document has been attached.

  • An Activity section where a user can communicate directly with their Standards Analyst by commenting and providing documentation.

To upload a document, navigate to the specific question selected for documentation and expand it. You will see an additional section titled Activity of the question now which shows the comments and documents exchanged between B Lab and the company. To upload a document click into the Comment box and two icons will appear at the bottom of this box, one that is for providing an attachment from your computer and another for providing a link to a website. You can see this under the Sample Question screenshot below.

Sample Verification Report

Sample Question


Verified question sample 

About Documentation:

Materiality is determined by the question’s contribution to the company’s overall assessment score.

To navigate to the Verification Report go to the Certification Tab on the left side menu. You can also navigate here by clicking on the “Upload Operational Documents” under “Next Steps” on the Dashboard.

To improve communication between your standards analyst and you, when you upload documents, please include notes about how each document verifies the response and  detailed explanation on how the document verifies the answers in the comment area. Include page numbers for long or complex documents. For questions where your response changes, please add a comment to reflect what the updated answer should be.

For confidentiality and security reasons, access to documentation is limited only to B Lab staff essential to the verification process (e.g., Standards Analysts). Like all Assessment responses, uploaded documents are kept completely confidential.

For more information on best practices for providing documentation, please see this article.


Avoid using Chrome Incognito to upload documents. Avoid emailing documentation to analyst as well. Please submit a ticket via our KB Portal for any tech issues that arise during your Assessment Review.

Only the B Lab Review team is able to delete or remove documentation. Please reach out to the Standards team if you would like documentation removed.

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