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How to decide our Industry Sector & Category when company covers several?

Hi there,

We're in the early stages of completing the BIA prior to applying for B Corp status. Looking through your knowledge base articles, our company appears to cover several business sectors. How should we decide which one to put down, given that this will change the questions in the BIA?

Fundamentally we are a Research and Development company in the tech sector, and specialize in control solutions for the Entertainment Industry (lighting, video and stage machinery control systems for our clients. We are B2B, we don't sell anything direct to the public.

Our business activities cover three areas:

- We write software either for equipment that we manufacture, or which we supply to our clients.

- We manufacture equipment. To clarify though, we don't have rows of machines making products from raw materials, we hand assemble small volumes (hundreds of controllers per month) from parts (metalwork, circuit boards with components already mounted, etc) which other companies have manufactured for us.

- We buy a higher volume (maybe 10,000 per month) of a particular circuit board from another company which we then sell on to one of our clients.

I've been looking at the "Choosing your Assessment Track: Size, Sector, and Location" topic (Choosing your Assessment Track: Size, Sector, and Location : B Impact Assessment Knowledge Base) to see what sector, category and industry might work for us:

Our software services would suggest the "Service with Minor Environmental footprint" sector, and the "Information, communication & technology - Computer programming services" category.

Our manufacturing services would suggest the "Manufacturing" sector, and the "Manufactured Goods - Computer & electronic products" category

Reselling the circuit boards would suggest the "Wholesale/Retail" sector, and the "Wholesale - Computers & electronics" category

When we submit our company for certification, how will the analyst decide which sector, category and industry we are? The one with the highest turnover maybe, or does one sector "take priority" over the other two - or is it something else completely?

We'd like to try to get these right now if we can so we can answer the correct question in the BIA before we submit it, rather than get to the Review stage and discover we've got a whole set of new questions to answer and limited time to do so.

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