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assign different lists of questions to different team members within the assessment

 Is there a way within the assessment that I can assign only a subset of the total assessment questions to different team members (the ones I want to be responsible for understanding the requirements and preparing the documentation/monitoring company implementation?) 

For example, there are a few questions in the community and workers section that I'd love for my HR manager to be able to see together in one concise list for her (kind of like how the verification report pulls only those questions that require verification) and interact with as far as uploading documentation.  I don't mind her seeing the entire assessment, but that's also a lot to navigate and want her to clearly be able to see just the things I'd like her to take ownership of for documentation purposes.  And then likewise, but with different questions, for my purchasing director,  IT manager, JEDI manager, etc.  Each curated list could be a sort of working portal for each manager. 

I know there is a way to flag specific questions and then view a list of only flagged questions, but I use that already to flag things we want to review/revisit overall, and need about 3-4 different flagging systems to account for the different managers responsible for different things. 

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