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Sample ByLaws

Hi there,
I’m advising a couple of companies who wish to write B Corp friendly language into their bylaws. Are there samples I can look at?

Thank you for contacting support with your question regarding the legal requirement for certified B Corporations. The legal requirement varies by the geography of a company and it’s entity type. You can find more information about what is required for your specific geography and entity type by clicking here and making selections from the dropdown menus specific to your company. If a geography is not listed, a legal pathway has not been determined yet and the only requirement is to sign the B Corp Agreement finalizing the certification requirements.

By implementing the legal requirement a B Corps bake its mission to value stakeholders, including workers, the community, and the environment, into its legal charter. 
For companies with less than 50 employees, this must be completed before gaining certification. 

For companies with 50 employees or more, this should be completed within 90 days of certification for LLCs in the US, within one year for Corporations in the US and Canada, and within two years for companies in geographies outside of the US and Canada. Please note that credit cannot be awarded in the assessment for legal until this is completed. 

More information about the requirement can be found here. Information about uploading your legal documents for the B Impact Assessment portal can be found here.  

I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you have any further questions!

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Thanks for this — but are there actual samples to look at, of the type of language?

We do not share company's documents with companies however, if you navigate to the Legal Requirement webpage, you can follow the steps below to see sample language. Note that some regions don't have recommended language (i.e., the Legal Requirement may be to elect a certain legal entity type):

1. Scroll to the bottom of the page, where you'll find a blue box that says "Find Your Legal Requirement"
2. Using the dropdown menus, input the correct, relevant information for your company
3. Once all information has been provided, the Legal Tool should provide you with information on the correct legal pathway. If this includes an amendment to the company's governing articles, this templated language should appear in the box.
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