Why should I apply for the Pending B Corp status?
Companies who have less than 12 months of operations and are able to meet the legal pathway for B Corp certification are  eligible to apply for Pending B Corp status. Companies under 12 months of operations are not able to apply for full B Corp certification, so this status is issued  to companies for one year, as business operations and practices are created. Companies who receive this status can choose whether or not to apply for full B Corp certification, but if the business does not pursue certification, the company will cease to make any claims to Pending Certified B Corporation per the intellectual property provisions in the Agreement signed by the company.

What features do I receive for my Pending B Corp Status?

1 Year of Pending B Corporation Status

Pending B Corporations are granted rights to use the "Certified B Corp: Pending" intellectual property from B Lab for one year to help them communicate their commitment internally and  publicly on the company’s website.

Listing on bcorporation.net

B Lab will include your business within our Directory on a Pending B Corporation Listing page that serves as a public demonstration of your commitment.

At this time, these are the features available to Pending B Corps. The B Hive and other aspects not included here are available for full B Corp certified companies, which Pending B Corps can apply for at 12 months of operations.

Where can I add the Pending B Corp logo?

Use B Lab's intellectual property related to the name 'Pending Certified B

Corporation and the 'Pending Certified B Corporation Seal' exclusively on the company's website and internal communications.

Can I use the Pending B Corp logo on packaging? 
Since the status is available for one year, the logo should not be added to any packaging produced during the period of time the company has this status. 

I have an open application for B Corp Certification. Can I still use the logo?

If your business applied for full B Corp certification and you are in the queue for B Lab Standards Review, the logo can still be continued to be used during this time. If your application is closed or you have achieved full B Corp certification, all Pending B Corporation logos must be removed. Please note that B Lab will still remove the company from the Pending B Corporation directory once 12 months have passed from the initial Pending status.