What is the Directory & Marketplace Update?


In an effort to stay up-to-date with members of the B Corp community, we ask each B Corp to update their information in the Directory and Marketplace annually. This information:

  • Empowers B Corps to connect more easily with one another to increase impact, partnership, and business connections

  • Enables B Lab U.S. & Canada to send the most relevant information to the right people

  • Improves B Lab U.S. & Canada’s Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion work by giving us visibility into the makeup of the community

  • Allows B Lab U.S. & Canada to plan programming, events, and resources with information about the community’s interests, expertise, and demographics

  • Increases visibility of a B Corp's products and services

  • Makes the recertification process smoother and ensures B Corps remain in good standing


Where and how can I complete the Directory & Marketplace Update?

  • Update your information here

  • Definitions of each field can be found in the help text if you hover over the question mark next to each question.


Who should complete it?

  • The person designated as the B Corp Engagement lead (main point of contact) should fill out the company-level information

  • Any employee who engages with B Corp community events, programs and resources or is interested in engaging with the B Corp community should update their personal information (title, role, areas of interest/expertise)

  • Anyone can add additional contacts to the Directory & Marketplace here


What will happen to my data and can we see the results?

  • Your data is available on your company’s profile on the B Hive. 

  • The data will not impact the directory found on bcorporation.net

  • Aggregate community data will be shared with the community, including community networks like B Locals and Collective action groups

  • By completing this form, you consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of this data to improve B Lab Company and B Lab U.S. & Canada’s communications with your company/staff and between users of our online community (B Hive). Point of sales addresses, products, services, ownership and leadership demographic information may be publicly disclosed via the B Lab Company and B Lab U.S. & Canada websites, public datasets (data.world), and shared with our Standard Partners (organizations that B Lab has entered into relationships with regarding the B Impact Assessment, B Analytics, B Hive, B Work and B Locals).


Can I expect communications or convenings based on my areas of interest?

  • We will be using this information to plan future activities and priorities and to enable B Corps to connect with one another. Look out for opportunities based on your areas of interest in B Lab emails, newsletters, events, and on the B Hive.