The difference between verification and certification requirements

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After completing the B Impact Assessment, qualified companies interested in pursuing certification undergo a multi-step verification process with B Lab to determine if they meet the 80-point bar for Certification.

Certification is a rigorous process. It is not uncommon for companies to earn a reviewed score less than 80 on their first assessment. As a result, participation in verification does not guarantee certification. The information below outlines the difference between Verification and Certification outcomes. 


Verification: Verification is the process of turning an unverified score on the B Impact Assessment to a verified score. This score may or may not meet the 80 point requirement for certification. 

Certification: B Corp Certification is achieved when:

  •  A company meets the performance requirement - a company must earn a minimum, verified score of 80 points on the B Impact Assessment.
  • If applicable, meet any transparency requirements.
  • Signs the B Corp agreement  
  • Pays their invoice.

 Maintaining certification involves additional terms you can read about here. 

Process Steps: 

These apply to both verification and certification. 

  1. The company Uploads requested supporting documentation to the Verification Report in the BIA

  2. The Standards Analyst assigned to work with  the company will review the information provided and select additional questions for review. 

  3. If applicable, the company will  schedule a review call to discuss certain responses in the company’s Assessment for further clarification

  4. The company provides final supporting documents and clarifications to complete the Assessment Review.

The length of the verification process will depend on the company’s size and complexity and the availability of the company’s team and B Lab staff.


Verification: The purpose of the assessment review is to verify social and environmental performance. A verified score can either meet the performance requirement of the Certification or require additional improvements. Companies may choose to make improvements or resubmit the assessment in the future when time and resources permit

Certification: B Corp Profile on  and permissions to use the B Corp IP on marketing materials and community features.

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