When is the best time to submit the B Impact Assessment?
The best time to submit the B Impact Assessment is within the 3 months of your recertification date and ideally 1 month before your recertification due date. You can find your recertification due date on your Dashboard when you log into the B Impact Assessment platform. Since the assessment is an annual reporting tool, please update the Assessment with the most recently completed fiscal year information.

What happens after I submit the BIA?

You will be notified by the Standards team who will walk you through the evaluation process within 3-4 months given the volume of submitted assessments per the grace period provided due to COVID-19. Wait times are currently dependent on region and some regions may have longer wait times than others. If your review is in Evaluation Queue it is likely you do not have immediate steps until our team contacts you directly. We recommend making sure Team Members and Company Detail pages are up to date to ensure an easy start to the process.

When will my company's assessment be reviewed?
Based on your assessment and its changes from the previous verification, you will be initially checked via our evaluation process. Once this is complete and we confirm your availability for review, reviews can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 2 months based on the verification needs of your company's assessment.

Can you give me the name of the analyst who will be working on the assessment with me?

 Once you complete evaluation steps or are ready to prepare for verification and provide all the documentation, a Verifier/Analyst will be assigned to your company's review. In the meantime we recommend reaching out to the evaluation team you are working with or commenting on the assessment platform for assessment specific questions which will be addressed once our team is working with your company.

I am new to the B Impact Assessment and certification process, can you assist? 

We recommend using the Knowledge Base for learning how to navigate the assessment. Please see the Assessments tab for how the company's assessment was previously verified in the past by looking at the Rated assessments. Additionally, please see the Guide to Recertification attached below.

Can I delay recertification?

Companies are encouraged to recertify by their due date. In order words this means having updated, submitted and verified assessment for another 3 year term as a B Corp by the renewal date. We know that there are challenges to certification at this time and recommend that at least to submit your assessment no later than the due date to remain in good standing. The company's certification may not remain in good standing if the company does not submit the assessment within 1-2 months of the recertification date. If your company has any extenuating circumstances, we ask that that the assessment is updated at the very least, and that you let us know the specific circumstance for your company by contacting your local B Lab partner or submit a ticket to our B Lab Global Support team via our KB Portal.