The Site Review process is a deeper level of verification which helps B Lab to guarantee the credibility of our Certification by further ensuring the validity of a Certified B Corps’ assessment answers. This process has been established by the B Lab Standards Advisory Council, in accordance with best practices for credible certifications. Site Reviews may be conducted virtually (via web conference) or onsite (in-person) depending on the company size, location and other standards-related factors.  

These are some general guidelines for preparing for either a Virtual or Onsite Review:

  1. Ensure the B Corp legal requirement has been met. 

  2. Update your B Impact Assessment and submit it for review.  

  3. Provide supporting documentation for a majority of your assessment answers.  This could be 20-50 questions, and will be determined once your assessment has been submitted. 

  4. a. If selected for a Virtual Site Review:  Participate in a virtual meeting/web conference with B Lab Standards Analysts (1.5 - 2.5 hrs) which includes: 

  5. Site Review timeline
    • discussion of assessment answers, 
    • reviewing documentation, 

    • a virtual tour of offices/facilities, 

    • 15-20 minute interview with several employees.

If selected for an Onsite Review:  Participate in an in-person meeting with B Lab Standards Analysts (~4 hrs) which includes: 

  i)      discussion of assessment answers, 

  ii)     reviewing documentation, 

  iii)     tour of your offices/facilities, 

  iv)     15-20 minute interviews with several employees. 

Learn more about the Site Review process in our FAQ