Next to each question a “Leave Feedback” option is available.  By clicking on it, you can then select the summary of the feedback that you’d like to provide, and provide further details in the text box below. 

When you click the “leave feedback button,” you will be navigated to this screen, where you can first select the general type of feedback you are providing under “Choose a subject.”  You can then provide more detail in the text box below:

When sending feedback, it is recommended that a submission provide as much as possible of the following information:

1. A detailed description of the improvement you’d suggest to the question (be as specific as possible).

2. A brief rationale as to why the proposed change would be an improvement for the assessment.
3. A description of what type of company the suggested improvement is relevant to, particularly taking into consideration the company’s size, sector, and geographic market
4. Any links to resources, such as company best practices or research papers, that provide further context to the suggested improvements

Once you have finished typing your feedback, press “submit” and you will receive an email confirmation. All feedback is reviewed by B Lab’s Standards Management team and used to improve future versions of the assessment.  Thank you for helping make the B Impact Assessment better!