The B Impact Assessment is updated every three years in order to improve the clarity, consistency, and insight of the assessment and its scoring, stay up to date with best practices and innovations in impact measurement, and accommodate ongoing user and stakeholder feedback.  

In January 2019, B Lab will release Version 6, which features structural changes to make the assessment more understandable, concise, and outcomes aligned as well as updates to individual metrics throughout the assessment.  A summary of some of the key changes to the BIA is available here.  

In September and October, all users of the B Impact Assessment and the broader public will have access to a draft of Version 6 in order to review the changes and provide feedback as a part of our public comment period.  By clicking “Opt In” on your dashboard, V6 will become available without disrupting the work that you’ve done on the current version of the assessment.  

While this draft version cannot be used for official purposes (like B Corp Certification) until its official launch in January, and is still subject to change, reviewing the draft will allow you to prepare for upcoming changes and leave your feedback on how the assessment can continue to be improved.  For information about how to leave feedback on the questions in the BIA, see here.  At the end of the draft assessment, participants in our public comment period will also asked to complete feedback questions on the draft B Impact Assessment as a whole.