The B Impact Assessment is scored out of 200 possible points. The weightings of each question and section depend on the assessment track your company is in. The track of your assessment is determined by the industry, size, and geography your business. (click here to learn more on assessment tracks). Points are received for every positive answer to a question. In certain sections, points are rewarded for calculations and combinations of a number of different questions. So, while certain questions may not be "weighted" on their own, they contribute to the overall score. The Assessment has scored automatically and in real time so that at the conclusion of the Assessment, it is immediately possible to review the results. 

Each question is weighted differently based on how difficult the practice is to implement and on the potential positive impact that is created for workers, communities, environment, and/or consumers (click here to learn more assessment impact areas). You can see how many points each question is worth by hovering your cursor above the question's red pie chart in the old application, or by hovering over the grey text box at the bottom of each question in the new application.

It is important to remember that the BIA is a positive assessment- you are not losing points for any of your answers, only gaining them! 

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