The B Impact Assessment is an annual reporting tool. When taking the assessment, a company should answer based on the previous calendar year. For example, a company that registers for the B Impact Assessment in 2016 should answer questions based on 2015 data. 

In order to ensure that assessment data is accurate and relevant, the application automatically creates a new assessment for each company every year on February 15th. All previous responses are copied over, with the exception of any time-bound questions such as “By what % has your worker base grown over the last 12 months?” Companies should be able to pick up where they left off in the previous year and only update answers that have changed.

Creating and completing new assessments each year allows you to effectively track improvement. Companies that accurately complete annual assessments will have the benefit of seeing where they have improved as well as areas where their score may have declined. This information can be useful for key initiative and decision making.