To see your overall progress or access your B Impact Report, navigate to the Dashboard view.

  1. Click on the Dashboard on the left side menu:


2. On the left side of the page, the most recent score will show in Overall B Impact Score as well as a breakdown of each section.

3. Above each section’s progress line, you will see the number of questions answered out of the total number of questions  available.

4. For a thorough view of the B Impact Report, select View Report underneath the overall score.  

5.  On the B Impact Report, select the + sign on the right side of each section to see a breakdown of how you scored. The sections written in blue show performance on Impact Business Model questions. For the example below scored 8.8 points in Mission & Engagement, compared to the median ordinary businesses score of 0.5. Of those 8.8 points, 1.3 came from Operations and 7.5 came from the Mission Locked corporate structure.