Once you have completed both the legal and performance requirement, next step is to fulfill the B Corp Public Transparency Requirement. This requirement is quite simply and requires the company to make it official by signing the B Corp Declaration of Interdependence and Term Sheet. After this is complete. We Ring the Bell, letting everyone know you're a leader, having met what Inc Magazine calls "the highest standard in socially responsible business."

Term Sheet Summary:

  • Certification term is three years; after three-year term, company recertifies
  • Meet the performance requirement for B Corp certification
  •  Meet legal requirements appropriate for your particular corporate structure and state of incorporation
  • Participate in an Onsite Certification Evaluation if randomly selected (10% of Certified B Corps randomly selected for a Certification Evaluation each year)
  • Annual certification fees based on the tiered structure below

To obtain the Term Sheet appropriate for your business, please click here.