What is the fee for certification and when is it paid?

B Corp Certification fees are paid upon finalizing certification after signing the B Corp Declaration of Interdependence and your B Corp Agreement

Certification fees are calculated according to the revenue of your company based on principles of inclusivity, transparency, and fairness, and paid annually. Download the U.S & Canada pricing schedule here. For other regions, please see the website for the respective region

What does my licensing fee cover?

As a non-profit organization, your certification fees only cover a portion of B Lab’s operating expenses. Forty percent of B Lab’s expenses are covered via philanthropy with the remainder coming from earned revenue streams including B Corp Certification. In general, B Lab costs are broken into four groups:

Verification and standards: Much of the annual fee you pay goes to cover costs associated with verification of the B Impact Assessment (as part of the B Corp Certification process) including expenses related to our standards review staff as well as to maintaining and developing the standards underpinning the Certification.

Technology platforms: In addition to serving as the primary tool for B Corp Certification, we offer the B Impact Assessment as a free tool for companies to measure and improve their impact. These fees support the ongoing development and improvement of this tool alongside the B Hive, B Analytics, and our back office administration platforms.

Licensing fees: This is what you pay us to license the growing ‘B’ brand on your products, services, and marketing platforms and to support efforts to grow brand awareness.

Local and global movement building: Depending on the size of your company, the surplus from your fee goes to cover costs associated with growth and engagement efforts in the United States and Canada and costs related to servicing a growing global movement.

Why is pricing different in different regions?

The cost and value of B Corp Certification varies in different markets based on the maturity of the B Corp community, the level of brand recognition in the market, the programs and services offered by the local global partner and other relevant market factors.

Listed above in the linked pricing schedule are the fees for companies based in the United States and Canada. Companies in Latin America, East Africa, Europe, the UK, Australia or New Zealand, should see Global Partner websites for local pricing. 

If a company is earning revenues via grants, should this be included in their ‘Revenue Last Year’ figure in the BIA?

If grants are listed on the company’s income statement as a Revenue item, then they should not be included in the BIA.

How do we calculate the B Corp Certification fee for investment funds / asset management companies? 

Revenues for investment funds / asset managers are calculated as the total Gross Revenues on their income statement.  As with all companies, any pass-through revenues that flow through the income statement would be included. 

Should income from exchange rate differences be included in the total revenue?

 Yes. Since it is included in a total revenue line item, it should be included.