After much deliberation and discussions across the B Lab and Sistema B Global Network, we’ve decided to postpone the Best For the World program in 2020 and resume in early 2021.

This was a difficult decision to make. The Best For the World program has been a shining light within and outside of this community since we launched it in 2012. We know how well-loved and vital this program is to the B Corp community, the pride it instills, and the competition it fosters.

Why are we postponing Best for the World until 2021?

  • 2020 has been a challenging year for the B Corp community and the B Lab and Sistema B Global Network. We’re postponing the program until 2021 for a few reasons: (1) our Standards Verification team is focused managing the 28% increase in demand; (2) we’d like to refresh and improve the methodology, processes, and branding for the program as a whole; and (3) all B Corps are Best For the World this year by virtue of being a B Corp. 

Timeline for Best for the World 2021 updates?

  • Don’t worry, Best for the World will be back in full swing next year! Stay tuned for further communications from us on this in the coming months.

If my company has been honored as Best for the World in past years, can I still talk about it / market it?

  • Absolutely. Previous Best for the World awardees are encouraged to continue to celebrate and showcase their distinction, citing the year and category in which you were awarded.