What is the B Lab US & Canada Community Census?

The US & Canada B Corp Community Census is an effort to collect valuable information from the B Corp community. The information that we’re able to gather from both the companies in our community and the individuals that make up our community will:

  • Enable B Lab to send the most relevant information to the right people

  • Improve B Lab’s Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion work

  • Empower B Corps to connect more easily with one another to increase impact, partnership, and business connections

  • Allow us to plan programming, events, and resources with information about our community’s interests, expertise, and demographics


Where and how can I complete the census?

  • Once you log onto the B Hive, you’ll see a prompt to fill out the Census. Or, you can click this link to head right there.

  • Definitions of each Census item can be found in the help text if you hover over the question mark next to each question.

Who should complete it?

  • The person designated as the B Corp Engagement lead (main point of contact) should fill out the company-level information

  • Once you see that your company-level information has been verified as complete, please do not change it.

  • Any employee who engages with B Corp community events, programs and resources or is interested in engaging with the B Corp community should update their personal information (title, role, areas of interest/expertise)

What will happen to my data and can we see the results?

  • Your data will be available on your company’s profile on the B Hive. None of your information will be shared publicly beyond the confines of the B Hive (only accessible to members of B Corp community).

  • The data will not impact the directory found on bcorporation.net

  • Aggregate community data will be shared with the community, including community networks like B Locals and Collective action groups

  • Please read more about B Lab’s privacy policy here. This Privacy Policy will inform you as to how we look after your personal data when you visit our platforms and tell you about your privacy rights and how the law protects you.

Can I expect communications or convenings based on my areas of interest?

  • We will be using this information to plan 2021 (and beyond) activities and priorities and to allow B Corps to connect with one another. Look out for opportunities based on your areas of interest in B Lab emails, newsletters, events, and on the B Hive.