If you have access to multiple companies, you'll be presented with an option to choose which one to view upon logging in.

For most users, this will give you a list of all companies you have access to. You can use the Search bar to search across all your companies using either:
1. Part of the company name
2. The email address of a Team Member associated with a company

Users with any special role

If you are a global partner, review team member, etc., you will have access to several extra filters that allow filtering by:
1. Global partner region

2. Assigned evaluation analyst

3. Assigned verification analyst

4. Task assignment

5. Active review stage

B Lab Review Team Members
If you are a member of the B Lab Review team, your list of companies includes by default all companies with a Review where you are assigned as the Primary Lead or Secondary Lead.

Companies w/ the oldest unread notification are shown at the top of the list. After companies w/ unread notifications, they're displayed alphabetically.

B Lab Review Team Members can still search across companies that they are not directly assigned to.