Once you have successfully submit your Assessment for review, a new Review will be open. A Review provides visibility into B Lab's review process. Each Review progress through 5 Stages:

  1. Evaluation Queue --> B Lab has received your submission
  2. Evaluation --> B Lab has begun to evaluate your Assessment
  3. Verification Queue --> Evaluation has been completed!  B Lab is waiting for team capacity to become available.
  4. Verification --> Here we go. B Lab is actively verifying your Assessment with you.
  5. Improvement --> B Lab has recommended update some answers or increase your score before entering Verification again.
  6. Post Verification --> Just a few more items to button up

A `Review Summary` card will appear on the Company Dashboard that is always up to date. You'll see when the Review was open and closed. Which B Lab team members are assigned to your Review and what Stage the Review is in. Clicking `VIEW` on the Review Summary card will reveal all the details of the Review.