The Recertification process serves to regularly measure and manage your company’s impact - a core principle of the B Corp Community and helps maintain the credibility of the B Corp Certification. As you may know, Certified B Corps must maintain their certification in good standing in order to recertify every three years.

The Recertification is also an opportunity for companies to measure the improvements implemented over the last several years. Companies should be encouraged to implement improvements, as the BIA is updated every three years to improve the standards, and it gets more sophisticated for analyzing companies.

Please look over the performance requirements for maintaining certification. 
In summary, the requirements are:
    - Meeting the legal requirement
- Participating in the recertification process     
    - Maintaining at least 80 points on the B Impact Assessment after each review 
    - Participating in the Site Review process, if selected during your recertification year.

There are some tips to ensure your team is on track to complete certification process in a timely manner.  Please make sure to:

✓ Log into the B Impact Assessment. 
✓ Under Settings, select a Certification Lead within your company.
✓ Contact the B Lab Partner in your Region to inquiry about your status regarding any of the performance requirements if you are not sure.

Here are some criteria that will ensure that your B Corp Certification remain in good standing in the B Corp community. Failure to do any of these in a timely manner may result in making your certification inactive.

✓ Completing the legal requirement by the deadline set at the time of certification.

✓ Submitting the Assessment at the time of recertification.

✓ Remaining engaged in the recertification process 
(i.e. keeping scheduled calls, contacting the Standards Review Team when you have questions about the process)

✓ Making material progress on the review process
(i.e. providing documents in a timely manner, showing Board commitment to the legal requirement)

*Please note that the B Impact Assessment changes its version every three years to meet higher social and environmental standards. B Lab advises companies to continue improving their social and environmental practices on a yearly basis in order to maintain the certification in good standing and to contact with any questions.